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Below are pictures of my "Current buns"!

Mini Lops - Females

undefined . Siamese Sable Mini Lop

undefined Baileys. Isabella (Beige) Mini Lop.

undefined Whisky. Agouti Mini Lop

undefined Texan. Harlequin Lop

undefined Rolo. Harlequin Lop

undefined Molly. Sooty Fawn

undefined Patsy. Broken Black Otter Mini Lop Female

undefined Gunner. Blue Mini Lop Female

undefined Titch. Blue Mini Lop Female

undefined Sooty. Sooty Fawn Mini Lop Female

Mini Lops - Males

undefined . Broken Fawn Mini Lop.

undefined Son of . Broken Fawn Mini Lop

Todd Todd. Sooty Fawn Mini Lop.

undefined Sage Moon. Sealpoint.

undefinedundefinedundefined Lucky Smoke. Took 1st Place in his first local show.



Dwarf Lops- Females    

undefined Vienna. Black Self Broken Lop, pictured here as a very proud mum of her happy brood

undefined Minx Moon. Red Eyed White (REW).

undefined . Magpie Dwarf Lop

Dwarf Lops - Males

Mr. Softy undefined Mr. Softy by name, Mr. Softy by nature. Dwarf Lop. Carries excellent Magpie genes. He is now retired, but I can't part with him so he is now a pet. He lives it up in a luxury 2 storey pad and run with Mrs. Softy.


Mini Lionheads - Females

undefined Blue Point Mini Lionhead

undefined Blue Butterfly Mini Lionhead

undefined Gold-dust. Sealpoint Lionhead

Mini Lionheads - Males

undefined  Blue (in moult, hence no mane)

undefined Ken Dodd. Magpie

undefined Mister Bluey


Lionhead Lop - Female

undefined Patch. Broken Magpie

Lionhead Lop - Male

undefined undefined Scruff 




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