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Start out with experienced advice
&  learn how to have the
Happiest, Healthiest Bunny possible.


Don't know Where to find a reputable local breeder in your area (UK) ?
If you want to have the friendliest, most laid back, happy, healthy & house trained pet rabbit, then this eBook is a must have..


After many, many requests over the years for comprehensive advice & information on what you should consider when purchasing a new rabbit, it's finally here, I have now completed my eBook on the very subject, and it is available right here, for you to download right now, and you could be reading my book in just five minutes from now....

             I have included everything you need to know, and it is all laid out in an easy to follow format, with chapters that include :-

  Where to purchase a new rabbit - I have included links to UK breeders sites, directories & classified listings that you may find useful  
  Which Breed would be most suitable for you?  - illustrated with full colour photographs  
  What colours are available? - illustrated with full colour photographs  
  Which sex is best? Male or Female ?  
  1 or 2 rabbits?             
  Mixing with other family pets  
  Rabbits and Children                        
  Rabbits and Guinea Pigs                 
  What you will need to set up home for your new rabbit - illustrated with full colour pictures and photographs                        
  How to ensure that your home and garden are safe for your rabbit                       
  How & What  to feed your rabbit                     
  How to bond with your rabbit                   
  Health problems and what symptoms to look out for  
  and so much more.....  
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       Only 2.87  

I am confident that my eBook will make you really feel that you know just about everything there is to know about choosing your new pet, finding your new pet, and how to ensure that h/she/they are happy and healthy for many many years...

In my eBook 'Rabbit Care and Advice' you will find 101 pages packed full of helpful advice and information based on my wealth of knowledge and experience of keeping these wonderful animals. I am devoted to my pet rabbits, and I hope that this is reflected in my new eBook.

If you are considering the purchase of a pet rabbit, you can't go far wrong if you start out with experienced advice and learn how to have the happiest, healthiest bunny possible, this eBook is ensuring you and your family have many years of enjoyment and unconditional Love for, and from your new pet

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If you want to have the friendliest, most laid back, happy, healthy & house trained pet rabbit, then this eBook is a must have..














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