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Welcome to Rabbits-Online (Inc: Sedgeystud Bunnies)

Welcome to Rabbits-Online, a website devoted to pet bunnies..

If you are thinking about sharing your home with a rabbit, but are not quite sure which breed or colour would suit you best, please do check out my Breed and Colour/Pattern Sections, which provide information and pictures to help you choose your new pet.  And, if you would like to see what a bunny looks like at the various stages in its' young life click here. I also have a FAQs page if you need further information.

Sealpoint Mini Lionhead  Sooty Fawn Mini Lop Magpie Lionlop

You may find that the links to further detailed information about Rabbit Care, a Photograph Gallery and Useful Reading etc. (on the left hand side of each page) are particularly helpful in helping you to care for your pet.

Once you have had a look through my website, I would really appreciate it if you would take my Rabbits-Online Website Survey. It only takes a couple of minutes and will help me to enhance the website over time. You can find the survey here.

Rabbit Care & Advice. If you really do want to have the friendliest, happiest, most laid back rabbit, that is happy to share your space, and you are happy for him to share your space click here

   How to raise rabbits, The complete beginners guide for rabbit owners Click Here!

If you want the friendliest, happiest, most laid back rabbit click here

Rabbit Care & Training Secrets Click Here!

Frostpoint Lionhead Lop relaxing with my Dog

New to Rabbits-Online is Jan's eagerly awaited Rabbit Care & Advice

If you want to have the friendliest, most laid back, happy, healthy & house trained pet rabbit, then this information is a must have..

Don't know
Where to find a reputable local breeder in your area (UK) ?
Aimed at those who are considering adding a rabbit to their family, and also at the new owner of a rabbit... But there is also so much more information that experienced owners may also find helpful. 

101 pages packed full of useful advice & information about:-

  • Which breed, colour and sex to choose, & which would be most suited to you and your family
  • What you will need to best set up home for your new rabbit
  • How to feed your new rabbit
  • Ailments & symptoms to look out for should your rabbit ever become ill
  • and so much more...

Don't miss out on such  knowledgeable and experienced advice before you go ahead and purchase your new pet. More information here.....

Check out my Testimonials page to see what new owners of my bunnies think of their new pets.

Rabbit Care & Training Secrets Click Here!

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Enjoy your Visit!




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